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    Unanswered: Another Way to Hide Duplicates in RS

    Hi I have two groups one is the state category the other is the state services. and I am trying to hide the duplicates for the state category

    looks like this.

    Selft Concept

    Self Concept
    Youth leadership

    Academic Support
    Large Group

    I only need the State Categories to show up one time not every time there is a State services that relates to it, (hope that makes sense) when I went to the properties to hide the duplicates it didnt work. Is there another way to do that??

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    if yiou look at the attachment that I exported from RS to Excel you will see that per record there is either Self Concept or Academic Support, I am trying to make it so that they show once per record. I keep getting duplicates. I am trying to get it to look like the attachement on book1. But I keep getting the Academic Support and the Selfconcept and the Counseling (which is [State Category] to once show per record more then once and I dont need duplicates. I am tryign to get it to look like the detail section of Book1 and its not working if you look at the StateReport thats what I got. I have the table grouped by [State Category], StudentID, and [State Services]

    SELECT     [Student Activity_ind].[Activity Date], [Student Activity_ind].[Total Time], Student_ind.[Studentschool Id], Student_ind.schoolID, 
                          Student_ind.[Student First Name], Student_ind.[Student Last Name], [Student Activity_ind].[State Services], [Student Activity_ind].[State Category], 
                          [Student Activity_ind].[Primary Catagory], [Student Activity_ind].Activity, [Student Activity_ind].Services, [Student Activity_ind].[Covered during Session], 
                          Student_ind.[Student ID]
    FROM         Student_ind INNER JOIN
                          [Student Activity_ind] ON Student_ind.[Student ID] = [Student Activity_ind].[Student ID]
    WHERE     ([Student Activity_ind].[Activity Date] BETWEEN @Beginning_ActivityDate AND @End_ActivityDate) AND (Student_ind.[Studentschool Id] IS NOT NULL) 
                          AND (Student_ind.schoolID IS NOT NULL)
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