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    Unanswered: Should I upgrade to Access 2007?


    I was wondering what people thought about Access2007 compared to Access2003. Are there enough improvements to warrant an upgrade as I keep coming across problems so have not made the leap yet.

    Any thoughts or comments are welcomed



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    No. IMO, the "up"grade is a step in the wrong direction. Good to learn I guess as future versions will no doubt be similar to it and for file compatibility reasons, but Access 2003 is by far superior.
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    I think the general consensus at present seems to be if you have an existing installation leave it be
    if you have a new installation probably 2007
    if you are a developer (by that I mean someone who uses VBA) stick with 2003
    if you are user (someone who dabbles at application development, uses macros, but doesn't uses wadges of VBA) then go A2007

    some of the complaints about 2007 seem to be "well thats not how it used to be"... ie its changed form the familarity of the previous version. This is not a new thing there were many complaints on the lauch of 200 & 2003
    but some are worrying indicating that 2007 (and by implication Access) is being pushed downmarket... its a bit like education its being dumbed down
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