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    Lightbulb Unanswered: Building a Proposal Generating Form/Report

    Looking for the best way to build a Proposal using Access. I am creating a table with part information (technology, brand, description, price). I want to be able to select the different parts, multiply them by quantity selected, add in permit costs and other costs and generate a proposal.

    Is Access a good tool for doing this? I am struggling to have the data filter. When I select "Wind" in the Field "Technology", I want only the WIND parts to display as options in a combo box. I have been trying to use the dlookup function, but this does not seem to work. Also, what I have accomplished seems to work, but actually writes over existing data in my table.

    Any thoughts?

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    Yes, Access is a good tool for building pretty much any application to handle data.

    As for the rest, I think you have many issues to overcome.
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    before you start building your quotation form you need to sit down and do some design.
    the foundation of a good database application depends on the design of the tables.

    one thing to bear in mind is that in quotations you ought to copy the details of the quotation so that future changes in the products doesnt' affect a quotation.

    from a very brief outline I think you need
    a product type tabel (identifes the type of product eg wind, solar)
    a product table which identifies all the stuff relating to a product + its price + its product type.
    a custoemr table
    a quotations table whgich tops the quote (ie who its for, any special notes, the date and so on
    a quote details table (which identifies the products in this quotation)
    you might also have a discount table indicating that a maximum of x% is permissable on this line, and habe a discount ratre flag in the products table)

    traditionally a quotation is often very similar to an invoice (except an invoice is for goods or services supplied, whereas the quotation is an indication of what a future invoice would be.

    when you create your quote you can select products from the products table, allow for the user to put in the quantity required, specify prices or discounts.

    bear in mind certain customers may have a standing discount applied to their purchases.

    you may well find that you need a template (ferinstance when a customer buys say a solar panel, they may also need a rectifier/battery charger
    a product may actually be a composite of several products (eg a wind turbine may come with a base + cable)
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    Where/how do you eventually intend to use this application?

    I am concerned you may want to expand it to being an "automated" quote system for clients, which brings the issue of how you intend to expose it...
    oh yeah... documentation... I have heard of that.

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    Thank you for the advice. I am using the "sales pipeline" database that is downloadable from Access 2007 website. I intend to add on to the "open opportunities" subform by adding in the proposal/quotation form. I am trying to follow the process this form works, but it is rather complicated with lots of queries and events.

    what is the purpose of the quotations table and the quote details table? should all this information be on one table?

    So I should create one table that generates a quote form... I want the quote form to then generate a more clean report that can be handed to the customer. The quote table will have combo boxes stemming from the other existing tables, products (price brand), technologies, customers.

    I will build all of these tables and then worry about the forms/reports.

    greatly appreciated

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