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    Wink Unanswered: Data distribution on multiple servers


    I am working as a developer at a company which does a lot with data. Unfortunately the DBA's are of almost no use in matters which go further than setting rights on a table or something .

    In various processes large amounts of data are transferred into other databases on other servers (100 mln records+). Currently this is done by doing an EXPORT on a table on server1, FTP to server 2 and then a LOAD on server2.

    I was wondering if there are better ways to achieve this. I have been looking at replication, but have not found a way to do this on a monthly basis. Furthermore, the EXPORT we currently do also has a WHERE clause, so not all records need to be exported.

    In which direction should I look for solutions? I am looking for something where I can run a monthly process which copies the data from one server to another server without the need to export, ftp and load it, but that DB2 does these actions itself?

    Cheers & thanks

    Oh, We are using DB2 v 8.1
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    Look into Federation.

    Oh, and V8.1 is out of service.


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    And when federation is set up use Cursors.
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    You can use replication. I use replication to replicate data between our main server and 55 other targets. I have set up views which filter out data and use those views as the source table rather than using the base table itself. You can setup replication using the Replication Center. Its very efficient and I run it everyday from cron.

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