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    Unanswered: Read Only error


    Getting slightly stressed at Access these days. Another day, another error.

    Anyway, most bizarre, my database was working absolutely fine, no issues at all, nice and smooth. Literally 5 mins later I attempt to go back in, and out of the blue it says its Read Only. I now cannot make any amendments to it whatsoever. Nor can other users. Nothing was changed in it other than the usual use, where certain actions are restricted anyway.
    All the backups and previous versions also all give a read only message all of a sudden.

    I mean really, what has happened?

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    Some things to try:

    1. Check which version of Access the database is written in and which version you are trying to open it it.

    2. Check folder permissions.

    3. Check the database file permissions.

    4. If you are on a network try opening the file locally.

    5. Check the .ldb file is not hanging around after Access is closed. Come right out of access, and check whether the .ldb file is still there. If it is, delete it and try opening the db again. (You may need to change xp's setting in Explorer to show hidden files).


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    alos check each person who was in the application at the same time and find out if they opened the db in exclusive mode
    find out if they were making changes to the design either inadvertatnly or deliberately

    both these things can cause a db to suddenly become read only
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    Thanks guys, real good advice....I think I 'may' have found the prob, someone tried to access it using Access 97. And considering what you have advised, it makes sense this could be the cause.

    Is this something/a prob thats well known?

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