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    Unanswered: Automatically change caps to smalls on user input?

    Hi. I've got a filter controlled by a combo box. THis has a list of addresses and when you type the address in the combo box is automatically brings up any that match.

    This works fine normally. However if the user has caps lock on, the first two letters work fine, but the third letter starts inserting the letters before the rest of the address (rather than replacing the letters as you type them), and thus ruining the filter.

    Is there a way to say "During update, make all characters small?"

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    FOUND IT, changed allowautocorrect to Off in the combo's properties.

    But out of interest, what is autocorrect? it seems to ruin everything and i cnat see any time where it will be useful.

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    turn off autocorrect.. fine
    set a format mask
    and or put some code behind the forms on lost focus event or the before update event

    mycontrolnname.text = lcase(mycontrolnname.text)

    this uses the lcase function to return all lower case
    Ucase converts all characters to uppercase
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