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    Unanswered: text and percentages in a report

    I need my Access report to be able to post both a percentage and text (N/A or N/R). How can I either tell my query to convert the numbers to percentages (123.45%) AND still be ble to keep my text portion to those that do not apply such as the N/A and N/R. These will change will every report. I was thinking i could run a query that would allow me to change the text into integers, but how can I tell it to do that and drop excess numbers after the two decimal places and have it also keep the text? Is this possible? If not in access, what function could I use in the Report that would post the data this way?

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    You can't have a single field (be it in a table or from a query) be both an integer and a text as far as I know, it needs to be one or the other. If it's absolutely necessary to have the text display "N/A" or "N/R", then you're going to need a text field and you'll have to convert the integers to text.
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