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    Question Unanswered: How to Cursor for changing multiple dbowners

    I inherited a SQL 2000 server containing hundreds of databases with a few score owner by a former user. I need to sp_changedbuser to something else, say, 'sa'.
    My query is:
    select, o.version, o.crdate, suser_sname(o.sid) as DBOwner, o.dbid, o.status,o.category, o.status2, DatabaseProperty(,N'isfulltextenabled')
    from master.dbo.sysdatabases o where suser_sname(o.sid) like '%\Pete';
    I want to perform a string like this:
    select 'use '+ + ' go '+ 'sp_changedbowner '+''''+'sa'+''''+','+''''+'true'+''''+' go'
    from master.dbo.sysdatabases o where suser_sname(o.sid) like '%\Pete';
    Can you help me?

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    BTW, according to Best Practice, is there a better user account to change the DBOwner to than SA?


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    You might be better generating osql statements where you can specify the db ie:

    osql -E -d "databasename" -Q"sp_changedbonwer 'sa'"

    you can do a simple for loop in dos

    redirect select name from sysdatabases... > databases.lst

    osql -E -SServername -dmaster -Q"select name from sysdatabases..." -o databases.lst

    for /f %D in ('type databases.lst') do call changeown.bat %D

    note: use %%D if you create a .bat or .cmd file with above command.

    @echo off
    SET DB=%1
    echo osql -E -d"%DB%" -Q"sp_changedbonwer 'sa'" -SServername >> log.txt
    osql -E -d"%DB%" -Q"sp_changedbonwer 'sa'" -SServername >> log.txt
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