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    Unanswered: Use DTS to Copy Tables to MSDE DB

    I have a SQL Server 2000 database and need to copy several tables to a separate database that our Marketing department can "hit" everyday without harming our live database. A consultant I hired said DTS can only copy the tables to an Access database (or to a text file that would then have to be manually imported in to a separate DB). This is proving to be problematic because the tables are very large and the size limitation of Access databases is coming in to play. Can DTS copy tables directly to an MSDE DB? Does anyone have any other recommendations on how to accomplish what I'm trying to do?

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    script it, BCP out, BCP/Bulkcopy in, or create a linked server and select with openquery (if not terribly large amounts of data), if you do not want linked server, use openrowset.

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