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    Unanswered: Two Data Sources in RS

    Hi all I have yet another question. I need to have two dataset for a report that has two tables in it, now the reason being is because one table is to give totals for the shool year and the other table is to give totals for the summer school. so its going to be different totals in both tables. And each table has its own dataset. The user wants to see both totals for summer school and year round school. How do I do that??? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    Perhaps you could give us the DDl -scripts for both tables, some example data and the required result.
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    I assume you want to UNION the results of each result set to one result set ?

    select classID, sum(whatever) from table1
    where schedule = 'regular'
    group by ClassID
    select classID, sum(whatever) from table2
    where schedule = 'summer'
    group by ClassID
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