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    Need quick Link to View One's Own Posts

    I haven't found a quick way to view all my posts from the past except to go down to the bottom of the main page, find my username, click on it and go to view all posts. This method is subject to the search restriction time limit and I was told I had to wait one hundred and thirty some seconds to view a summary of my own posts.

    It seems like a shortcut on the menu bar, maybe 'My Posts' would be beneficial. My issue is that I want to find a question I posted in the past. Another user responded asking to get back with them if I found a solution. Now, I have found a solution but cannot quickly locate the post without digging through the forum directory or searching for my name. I think it would make dbforums much better.

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    isn't that a coincidence, the very last thread in the Suggestions & Feedback forum had exactly the same question -- | @rudydotca
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