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    Red face Unanswered: DataBase shows no tables in phpmyadmin

    Hello guys,

    I am having a problem i can't seem to solve and i really need your help

    We have a shopping cart site live,
    A new version of the shopping cart came out but it seems while i was upgrading it, i done something to the data base. and now the site is down and my boss is about to fire my sorry ass :-(

    Basically i have no idea what happened exactly but i hope you guys will help me figure it out and solve the problem

    When i log in to PHPMYADMIN i can see that the data base exist, it shows me the name and the number of table is parenthesis it looks like that ' bizbooz (227) '
    But when i click on it, instead of showing all the tables and information as it showing me in other data bases, it tells me that there are no tables.
    I really hope they are still there somewhere cuz the last backup i have is 3 months ego :-( (I know, first rule is always back up)

    Please if anyone knows a solution for this problem, im begging. you will save meeee!!

    I am attaching two images,
    One is how i usually see the data base and the other is the actual site data base.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails boilers.jpg   bizbooz.jpg  

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