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    Unanswered: how to rename schema?

    db2 v8.2 on AIX 5/db2 v9.5 on AIX 6
    We need to change schema for abt 200 db2 tables (containing data) from AAA to BBB.

    db2move seem like a good idea but it's working only between databases and it does not copy indexes.

    Looks like admin_copy_schema does it within same database, but I need to copy tables data and rename indexes schemas as well. How and can I use it for this purpose? I guess we would have to drop existing packages and recreate them for new schema as this is a condition for this API.

    The database is on v8.2 now so I am thinking we might have to wait till we upgrade to v9.5 and then do it.

    Any thoughts?
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    Create all objects in the new schema, then copy data. Packages will have to be re-bound.

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