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    Angry Unanswered: DB/2 V8.1 Problem in Task Center


    I have a problem with a scheduled task in the DB/2 Task Center.
    I have a backup task, which makes a backup every day at 3 o clock.
    This task finishes the backup every day, and in the protocol there
    are no errors visible.

    My problem is: i want to change the task from 3 o clock to 4 o clock.
    But the taskcenter tells me that this task is active, which it isn't.

    I rebooted the server, but no way, the task manager still has the opinion
    that this task is active. I cannot change, delete or in anyway ret rid of
    this entry. It is displayed with a red cross and a little running man.

    This seems to be a bug in the Task Center. I would be glad if anyone
    can help me...

    Edit: I just created a new task. When i check in table mdtasktype00 i see
    the two tasks. When i try to delete my task, it works, but when i try
    to delete the other task i get an error message like: cannot lock row
    because can't be found in the database.
    It seems to be an inconsistency in the database table itself.

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