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    Unanswered: Two-Node RAC with a normal single instance PHYSICAL DATABASE - ???

    Hi all,

    Had anyone tried this before? A two-Node RAC with a normal single instance PHYSICAL DATABASE.

    Basically, what am trying to achieve is to create a physical standby database of a current 2-node RAC.

    This is mainly for decommissioning/converting the RAC into a normal single instance database.

    I want to create the PHYSICAL STANDBY DATABASE and do a SWITCHOVER to it if possible and then SWITCHBACK to the RAC.
    If doing a SWITCHOVER and SWITCHBACK is not possible, then I will just want to be able to do an ACTIVATE of the PHYSICAL STANDBY DATABASE.

    If anyone had done this before, please send me your docs if you don't mind or suggest any link that discuss what am trying to achieve. Tried Google and so far no luck

    Any feedback will be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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