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    Unanswered: problem to structure recursive query

    Hi all,
    i would know if someone have any idea if it's possible to structure recursive query like that; the 2 tables i use are:

    Table Folder (Folder_name, Dbid)
    Table Obj_Fld (Folder_dbid, object_dbid)

    - Table Folder contains Folder_name and Dbid
    - Table Obj_Fld contains all objects (object_dbid) contained in Folder (Folder_dbid); this objects can be folder too.

    in practise, i have to structurate a query to extract, for only object_dbid , the Folder (Folder_name) where he is, go recursively if the Folder is child of another folder.
    Someone have any idea?
    thanks a lot!

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    Cool Hierarchical query

    Check out Hierarchical queries in the fine Oracle® Database SQL Reference.
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