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    Unanswered: is jdbc driver for db2 8.2.3 3.0 compliant


    We are using db2 v 8.2.3 and the version of the jdbc driver is

    IBM DB2 JDBC Universal Driver Architecture 2.7.58.

    I have been searching for the last two days on Google and the IBM site to find out if this driver version is JDBC 3.0 API compliant but was not successful. The documentation for the latest version of DB2 clearly states that it is compliant with such and such version of JDBC API. But I couldn't find anything similar for DB2 8.2.3 version.

    Can any one tell me if it JDBC 3.0 compliant or point to me to where I can find this information.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.


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    The universal JDBC driver supplied with DB2 v8 is compatible with the JDBC 2.1 specification.

    JDBC 2.1 Core API Restrictions by the DB2 Universal JDBC Type 2 and Type 4 Drivers
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