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    Question Unanswered: How to make column in one table equal column in another table

    I am pretty new to Access Database and I have a question. Sorry if it was already listed before. I have two tables one for employees information, where i store only basic stuff. Another table I am planning on doing is Cerificates and Rewards each employee gets from the company. So I need to have the same columns in both tables. The main problem i cant just copy and paste it, because I want those columns to be connected. If for instance i mark employee in Employee table Inactive, I want it to show in Certificates Table. And if i add a new person in Employee table I want this name automatically to appear in Certificates table. Each employee also has a ID, if it will make any difference in my situation.
    Please let me know if anyone can assist me with this. I will really appreciate your help!
    Thank you

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    A better approach would be to use a 1-many relationship between the employee table and the Certificate table, based on the employee ID. I'm assuming the employee will be eligible to receive more than one certificate from the company. The only Fields needed in the Certificate table would be the employee ID and the fields specific to the certificate.

    You could then just query for the information you want from the employee table:
    SELECT *
    FROM Employee A
    INNER JOIN Certificate B
    ON A.EmployeeID = B.EmployeeID
    Similarly, you could set up the Employee table to have the Certificate table as its Subdatasheet [SubDatasheets In Access 2000+ - How To Use Them].



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