Hello -
I'm new to this forum, not a developer, and, unfortunately, do not have the right words to find what I'm looking for via google, so I'm hoping you can figure out what I'm trying to do.

I have data (filemaker and/or Excel) that is basically in the following format: company,function,attribute,value

Sample Data would be:
Company1,director,Billing,50% of title
Company1,author,Billing,75% of title
Company1,director,GroundTransp,car with driver
Company2,director,GroundTransp,sedan rental
etc etc

I am trying to find what type of application (report generator? scripted in Filemaker?) I need so that an end user can have a query interface to build a comparison report. Sample queries might be:

Rows = the following attributes: Air Travel, Ground Transp
Columns = the following functions: All
Filter on Company = Company1
and the values wind up in the center datapoints


Rows = the following attributes: All
Columns = the following Companies: All
filter on Function = Director
and the values wind up in the center datapoints

Note that I want the user to have great flexibility in terms of what is on the left, what is on top and filtering. I'd also like to include grouping, but I haven't even addressed that here as an example...

I do NOT want to store the info in the following format (ie, make each attribute a field): Company,function,AirTravel,Billing,Ground Transp etc

This will simply become unwieldy (ie, I will likely have 35-75 attributes, some of which are used often, some are used rarely)

From endless hours of surfing , I think that Oracle has a 'shortcut' that addresses this, called Compare Page Templates. But I don't have or use Oracle, and it seems like overkill to get it for this one feature.

Ideally I would like to host the data somewhere, and have the tool be available via the web (not for public use, only by invitation, as the data is private).

But..... since I don't really know what this type of report is called, I'm not making an progress in terms of finding it.

Is there a web-based application or desktop software that has a UI for me to create these reports?
Is it something that has to be coded directly into the software?
Could it be done for desktop application via Filemaker (instead of via the web)?
Am I looking for a report generator? An analytic tool? or ????

This site, with totally different data of course, has a modified version of what I want (mine is more intricate, but this will give you an idea of what I'm talking about)

This would be a simple pivot IF my values were numeric... but, alas and alack, they are not numeric.

Thank you for your assistance -