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    Unanswered: Default Value / Subforms

    I would like a form that opens via a command button to display a value in a subform on the form that contains the command button.

    For example the field I would like to capture is EmployeeID and it is located on Subform_Employees (this subform is located on Form_Main). When I click on the Command Button (part of Subform_Employees) another form opens up (Called Form_Dialog) which has a foreign key of EmployeeID. I want EmployeeID on the Form_Dialog form to be the same as the value shown in Subform_Employees when the command button is pressed.


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    After you open the form, use a command like:

    Forms!Form_Dialog!EmployeeID = Forms!Form_Main!Subform_Employees.Form!EmployeeID

    Something like that anyway.
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    You could also open the Form_Dialog form passing it a WhereCondition argument:

    DoCmd.OpenForm "Form_Dialog", , , "EmployeeID = " & Me.Subform_Employees.Form!EmployeeID, , acDialog
    Have a nice day!

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