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    Unhappy Unanswered: Performance tuning using cursor

    Hi Technical Guru's,

    We are in process of developing BOM Extract for an organization. We are using API BOMPXINQ.EXPLODER_USEREXIT to explode BOM for each assembly before extracting and displaying level for components based on temp table BOM_SMALL_EXPL_TEMP.

    We have made this layout in rtf template and registered as BI Publisher report. When it is run for smaller range it's working fine, if we pick huge range or entire bom range we are running into performance issue.

    Any inputs on this are highly valuable.


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    Cool Un-derstanding?

    Hi Redamma,

    This is what we understand:

    We on extracting table components based are organization for BOM_SMALL_EXPL_TEMP are process for in an and before Extract We assembly using explode temp to displaying developing of BOM each BOMPXINQ.EXPLODER_USEREXIT for level BOM API.

    If and running template this range we huge registered report issue, smaller range entire made range publisher bom have BI is we it's fine, it pick run for into or working when as rtf are performance in layout.

    PS: Translation courtesy of: E-Learning Tools
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    Apparently, the debris from exploding BOMs are scattered over the huge range, which sends developers running into this performance issue.
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