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    i have an application which is hard coded to run export when user logs into the system. The code is below, its failing to run the export because when i open command prompt DOS and i type exp or imp its saying opertation not found. The imp & exp utility only works when i type in the whole path
    e:\oracle\ora817\bin. This is when exp & imp run. So my question is how can i add this path in the below code so it can run when user logs in.

    if alert_button1 = al_button then
    host('exp '||connect_str||' file = c:\'||USER_NAME||'_'||FILE_NAME||' tables = ACTIVITY_PARAMETERS ;[/B][/B]

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    Cool Easy does it

    How about:

    host('e:\oracle\ora817\bin\exp '||connect_str||' file = c:\'||USER_NAME||'_'||FILE_NAME||' tables = ACTIVITY_PARAMETERS ;...
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    By the way, the host command is a sql command and can't be called from a PL/SQL block. However, you can do this with a java call.
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