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    Unanswered: Need help with disabling transaction logging


    I am running Informix Dynamic Server Express version 11.50 in order to test an application against it - my knowledge of informix is very minimal.

    I need to turn off transaction logging in order to replicate the kind of environment the users of my application have. The database name is "CCM". To do this I am executing:

    ondblog nolog CCM

    from the command line, and the return code is:

    ondblog complete, returning code 20 (0x14).

    I have also tried "ondblog nolog sysuser", and the return code is the same.

    Using dbaccess, I connect to the sysmaster@CCM database and execute this SQL:

    select * from sysdatabases

    It returns records for each database and for all of them is_logging = 1 and is_buff_log = 0, is_ansi = 0, and is_nls = 0. For sysmaster, flags = -12279 and for the rest, including sysusers, flags = -12255.

    Since is_logging is still 1, I do not believe that I have managed to turn off logging for the database. My question is, how do I turn off logging for the database?

    Thank you very much.

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    Hi, you can change the logging status with the ontape utility. Basically you need to perform:
    ontape -N databasename
    If you don't use ontape as your backup tool you can easily configure ontape to backup with piped output (in UNIX anyway) to a temporary file.
    Read more about it here IBM Informix Dynamic Server v11.50 Information Center, under Administering, System administration, Administrator's guide, Logging and log administration, Managing database logging mode.


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    IBM Informix Dynamic Server v11.50 Information Center

    ondblog: Change Logging Mode
    The ondblog utility lets you change the logging mode for one or more databases. Alternatively, you can change the logging mode by using the ALTER LOGMODE Administrative API command string. For information on using Administrative API commands, see IBM® Informix® Guide to SQL: Syntax.

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