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    Unanswered: 1db, 3 functions?

    Ok, so the idea sounds great in my head but I'm not sure it can be done. I've started on some of the nominal tables but not sure how to bring it all together.

    This is what I'm trying to do...

    I am making a database to keep track of all the BlackBerries that my organization has or issues to users. I want to be able to maintain an inventory of BlackBerries and accessories, service that is performed on the BlackBerry issued to a specific user, and who is issued the BlackBerry. The "inventory" part of it, I want it so that when a BlackBerry or accessory is issued, it reflects WHO the device/accessory was issued to but ALSO takes it out of the overall inventory count. At a later date, it will be modified to prompt when the number left in inventory hits 5 or less to show a reminder to me to order more.

    I'm attaching the tables I have so far. Anyone have any idea on what I can do to make this as simple as possible?
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    There is almost nothing in the database you provided. In order to have something functional you need to create an interface (forms, and possibly reports), queries, relationships (if necessary) etc. Even some fundamental tables are missing here.

    Simplicity is great but this is nothing but destitution.

    Have a nice day!

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    Anyone have any idea on what I can do to make this as simple as possible?
    Hire a developer?! That's pretty simple!
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