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    Smile Unanswered: Problem: configure DB2 to work in a LAN

    Hi, I'm an italian user, so I'm sorry for my basic english.
    I'll describe my problem:
    I must make a simulation of the working on a LAN with DB2.
    I have installed an istance on a Server (Windows Xp) and so the administrator of this machine became the DBADM of my DB (Sample, default after installing DB2) and have all authorities at instance and db level.
    After I have installed a copy of DB2 on a client machine, connected with server on a LAN with a Wifi router (the comunication between two pc is ok), catalog the node and the database on server.
    I have set on server (and on client) the dbm cfg parameter authentication on client because i don't want to add on my server S.O. all the LAN user. My problem is: if i create a user with the same username of server administrator (withouth PASSWORD) on the client machine, and try to connect with the command connect to demodb (demodb is the alias on client of Sample on server) so without password, the connection is OK. I wont this. How i set the two parameters TRUST_ALLCLNTS and TRUST_CLNTAUTH to eliminate my problem?
    Thanks a lot.
    (I have the DB2 Express Edition 9.5)

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    this is a db cfg parameter
    so at server :
    db2 update db cfg for sample using TRUST_CLNTAUTH client
    trust_clntauth - Trusted clients authentication configuration parameter
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    if i change the parameter TRUST_CLNTAUTH on dbm cfg I have the same problem. If I logon with a user with the same username of the DBADM (the administrator user of Server PC) my access in granted. Everyone can create a new user with the same name of DBADM on their own client and access the DB!!
    I try many combinations of the two parameter, but I have everytime the same problem.

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    That's the idea of trusted clients though. If you don't trust your clients, authenticate at the server, but then you need to define user IDs on the server itself. Your choice.
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