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    Red face Unanswered: re-runable scripts

    I am working on a project for school where the script is to be re-runanable. I have googled it and what was provided didn't make much sense. How are scripts made re-runnable?

    This is how he describes what he wants:

    A re-runable sql script file for this step, called p2_step2.sql, which must be called from parent sql script file project.

    I haven't heard of calling a script within a script like this. Of course, I'm realtively new to sql too.

    I am running windows xp professional and sqlplus, if that helps

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    I am not clear on the terminology either.
    Any script can be invoked more than once; but it may come down to errors.
    For example, if a SQL file contains CREATE TABLE statement, an error would result the 2nd time it is run because the table already exists.

    I strongly suggest you get clarification how re-runability is measured.
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    Cool re-startable?

    As anacedent points out, the terminology does not make sense. All scripts can be run more than once, therefore your teacher may refer maybe to RE-STARTABLE.

    A re-startable script can (or has to) be executed after it fails and be able to complete it's task.
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