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    Unhappy Unanswered: DB2 restore error

    Hi friends

    I am new to DB2 and i badly need the help of restoring the database.

    I used the following command for restoring the database:

    db2 backup database WAREHOUS ONLINE to /tems02_data/warehouse-backup/full-backup "with 2 buffers buffer 1000" "INCLUDE LOGS" "without prompting" (OK)

    db2 restore database warehous from /tems02_data/warehouse-backup/full-backup TAKEN AT 20090708163715 INTO warehous (OK)

    db2 rollforward db warehous to end of logs and complete

    db2 rollforward db warehous to end of logs and complete

    I am getting the following error
    bash-3.00$ db2 rollforward db warehous to end of logs and complete
    SQL0980C A disk error occurred. Subsequent SQL statements cannot be processed. SQLSTATE=58005

    Is there any step wrong or missing between any of the steps, like db2stop, db2 terminate or db2 force application all? are these steps applicable anywhere while restoring?

    Can anyone please help me as early as possible as i am breaking my head with this for a long time

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    It sounds like a disk problem, but not sure. Look at the db2daig.log to see if you can find more information about what happened.

    However, one thing that is missing on the restore is that you did not specify a LOGTARGET to indicate where the inlcuded logs will go. The you will need to specify the same path on the OVERFLOW LOGS of the rollforward command. Make sure the path is empty before each time you use it.
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    Looks like it is a rollforward issue and not a restore issue.
    What messages does the db2diag.log contains when the error appears.

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