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    Unanswered: How to add command button to display MsgBox in Access 2007

    Hi Guys,
    Pls I want to add command button to my forms in access (2007).I want the button (when clicked) to (display MsgBox) notify the user if the quantity requestin exceed the available Unit.

    These are my labels/Cells;
    Date, data type date
    Quantity '' '' number
    Caravan, '' '' text,
    Cost '' '' Currency
    CaravanID '' '' Number

    I will like to knw if I can execute that function through Macro because am usin Access 2007 and the steps that l can take. I know how to add Control button through in design view but when l drag the button to my form l didnt get result that l want. Any helps will be appreciated. Thanks.


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    I moved your thread from the "Other Databases" forum to the "Microsoft Access" forum. It is much more likely to get appropriate readers (and help) in the MS-Access forum.

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