Hi guys,

I successfully setup my streams at my destination DB however I had a problem setting up capture rules in streams for my source DB. Below is a script to add capture rules for my oracle streams set-up.

	   schema_name => 'ZABIN', 
	   streams_type => 'CAPTURE', 
	   streams_name => 'STREAM_CAPTURE_CIS', 
	   queue_name => 'STRMADMIN.STREAMS_QUEUE_CIS', 
	   include_dml => true, 
	 include_ddl => true, 
	   source_database => 'NMS01');
This script ran for 2 days but it did not finish at all. I had to terminate the session for it to end. I've been doing this over and over again but it still does not finish. Is there a way to check whats happening with this script?