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    Firstly let me apologise for any incorrect terminology in the below! I'm new to Access and database design (though not database administration as a whole), but not to IT in general.

    I have a database partly constructed and want to push it through to completion, only I have come across a few stumbling blocks. The primary purpose of the database is to store the details of projects, things like their name, codes, cost, donor, description & staff etc and allow users to search for projects based on criteria. Ideally once the desired records have been filtered/search/queried, then the information should be exported to a Microsoft Word 2007 template via a mail merge.

    So far I have set up the database to receive user inputted data quite easily, there is a form which allows easy user input into the master table and it works well. I am stuck at the best way to set it up so my users can query records and do exports.

    I have set up the database so far as below:

    project_data – this contains all the project information, the master table, if you will.
    country_data – this tables contains all the countries of the world, it populates the a drop down on my main entry form.
    Currency_data – this table contains all the world currencies and similarly, populates a drop down on the main entry form.
    Donor_data – as above, only with donors
    Keyword_data – ditto
    Staff_data – ditto


    Project_data – This form contains an input box for all the fields contained within the table “project_data”. Several input boxes (I do not know the correct term for this!) are combo boxes which link to their corresponding table. So, the country box on the form is linked to the country_data table. I did this for data consistency (so if we work in Thailand then it will always shows as such, no intern will be able to input “Tieland”). Some combo boxes also allow multiple values (if we worked in three countries etc). The form contains navigation buttons (add record, save, next, previous, close etc). It also includes the “find record” button that appears on the add button wizard, however this isn’t suitable for all my needs.

    I would be grateful if anyone could let me know the best way to proceed with how to set up a search form? I was thinking it’d be along the lines of a main form which contains the criteria/search options and a sub-form which contains the results. One issue I can forsee is that two of my data fields are memo fields and contain narrative descriptions of projects. This means they would be quite hard to display in datasheet view. I’m aware that the search form is a fairly complex form to create, however I’ve brought the database this far and would really like to see it to completion! I would be grateful for any help anyone could offer!

    Warm regards.

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    Have a look at this post in the Code Bank. It's something I developed a few years back, so the details are a little fuzzy, but I have built upon this idea in the databases I now develop.
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