I'm fairly new to Office 2007 & Vista so pardon if this is stupid questions...

In XP and Access 2003, we used the mdb file properties field "Comments" to describe last changes made to the file so user could see this when cursor over file in XP's Windows Explorer. Now, in Vista, Explorer no longer seems to show this and many other file properties. When right-clicking on file, the SUMMARY tab no longer exists and new SECURITY and DETAILS tabs don't show this info.

I know I can access the "Comments" file property field from within Access. What I want is to be able to see it in Vista from Windows Explorer (and thus ideally to edit it quickly that way, too)... as with XP.

NOTE: Vista and .xlsm files DO show a comments file in Win. Explorer! Why not .mdb files? And I tried converting file from .mdb to .accdb to test but still can't see "Comments" field.

I found not related posts with quick google search.
Has anyone seen/overcome this???