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    Unanswered: Several macro files running at the same time - will it cause conflict?


    I have several macro files that executes individually but runs on the same time. I'm calling these macro files from a batch file, then had this batch file scheduled on a specific time. NOw my problem is, will my macros runs smoothly and will not conflict w/ one another. I have this "application.quit" code inside, i'm afraid this will affect my other macro files and will prematurely close the files w/o finishing the process yet. Please advise on what is the best way I should do to avoid errors and conflict w/ other macro files.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Howdy. Macros can only run one at a time. If you have a sequence that is necessary, then set up another macro that calls each individual macro in the order you desire.
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    thanks shades.

    is there some other way to do this? the individual macro belongs to separate reports that runs on a different time. and the macro is just one of the processes for each report.

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