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    Quest to become a junior database developer

    I know similar questions have been asked before but I thought I would state my specific case. So here goes.

    Iíve been to university and did a 3 year degree course in business information technology. Basically it involved: database design theory (focus was Relational databases.ERDs, the design process, normalisation, cardinality etc); SQL work (mainly with sql server), HTML and CSS; limited amount of ASP and some basic VB .net; and finally business analysis (value chain management and junk like that, project management etc).

    Most of my skills definitely lie with the database side of things as opposed to business skills. I understand that itís beneficial to develop both, but I see business skills as a bit of a grey area, in that itís a subjective thing that I canít clearly define or categorise. So I find it difficult to approach business as a subject and learn about it. Thus most of my time so far has been spent on improving my tech skills: HTML and CSS, working with sql server 2008 express and Iím just about to start working with VB 2008 . This is all self study on top of what I have learnt at university.

    Iím a bit unsure though as to what to do next. I think Getting a certification in sql server 2008 would be a good step, Exam 70-433: Database development perhaps? Maybe a Visual basic 2008 cert like Exam 70-561 and Exam 70-536 ? Youíve probably gathered I have no real world experience (save for a few websites Iíve created), Iím trying to rectify that by getting a volunteer position (or a paying job by some miracle) working with databases.

    Well thatís the story so far, any suggestions as to how to make myself an attractive employment prospect. Suggestions about my current self study route, do you think itís effective? How to get some real world experience; or how to prove to employers I know something about database design and development? Whatís the meaning of life?

    I think you get the picture.

    Any help is very much appreciated.

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    What are your interests? How do you envison yourself six to ten years from now? These are more important than technology for helping to chart your course going forward.

    Where are you located? I don't mean an address, but a region or state would help a great deal to identify what are the most likely prospects for getting a start.

    The meaning of life... That's a serioius question, and the answer is 42. Don't forget your towel!

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    Oh great, replying to my question with more questions.

    Still, to answer your questions:

    Interests - from an employment perspective database development and databases in general. For hobbies digital art, web design and juggling.

    where do I envision myself 6 - 10 years from now? Tough one. Maybe working with databases in a medical or scientific environment from a job perspective. Not earning large amounts of money but enough to have a decent standard of living.

    location - midlands, England

    Sounds like someone is A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy fan .

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