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    Question Unanswered: db2 luw, commit processing at pgm end


    i´m looking to find a way to make db2 luw behave the same way as db2 Z/OS in terms of commit processing. Here´s my problem:

    We migrated some Cobol-Batch-Pgms from Z/OS to Suse Linux.
    Host-Batches run under TSO connecting to DB2 Z/OS via CAF.
    Pgm-Logic ends each UOW by an explicit commit stmt. However, there are some sqls executed without explicit commit before pgm-termination.
    In case of "normal" program-terminination ( RC < 8 ) those changes are committed otherwise a rollback is performed.

    In DB2-LUW the Batch-Pgm connects via DB2-Connect to our DB2-LUW-V9.1-DB. All DB-Changes within a UOW ending with commit are committed. The sqls performed before pgm-end without an explicit coded commit-stmt are rolled back after program-termination even if the pgms ends with RC=0.

    What causes this different behaviour ? Is there a possebility to configure DB or DB-Client to behave as Z/OS does ?

    Read many articles on the web but found no satisfying answer. I&#180;m quite sure that this is nothing dealing with autocommit-configuration, right ?
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    That is the way DB2 for LUW works. Only UOW that are committed will be written to the database. If a UOW is active and the connection is broken (program ends with or without explicitly closing the connection) the UOW is rolled back. This prevents corruption in the DB.


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    Under DB2 z/OS the TP monitor (TSO, CICS, IMS, etc) is typically the coordinator of the two-phase commit process, which is why when the progarm ends a final commit is issued automatically.

    You might try executing the program using an XA connection, which is two-phase commit process for DB2 LUW. I have worked with XA using Jboss, but not sure how that would work with a COBOL program. But that is the only thing I can think of.

    Of course, adding a final commit to every program would not be that difficult.
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