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    Question Unanswered: compatibility change to SQL 2005(90)

    We are running sql 2005 and one of our databases is now set to SQL server 2000(80)

    properties => options => Compatibility level to SQL Server 2000 (80)

    We were having application issues this morning and when I check this the properties said SQL Server 2005 (90).

    Is there a log somewhere that would show who made this change? I'm not a sql dba but was hoping we could find out who did this. I do know it happened today after I deleted a record out of the database per our vendors request.

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    Sorry!!! Answering to the wrong post

    This may be a dumb question but does the SQL Service Agent account have permissions to the UNC path?
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    SQL Server does not keep a log of this sort of thing. Unfortunately, Microsoft tends to make their tools a little too helpful sometimes, so you can't even rule out that you did it yourself. You should be able to set the database back to 80 compatibility mode easily enough, though. There won't even be any downtime.

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    Thanks, I know I didn't do it because I didn't even know it existed. I believe the install did this and things were working for awhile until I tried to delete a record from the database. I did change it to the 2000(80) for that database after working with Lawson support and it fixed the issue immediately.

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