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    Cool Unanswered: Db2 User Rights Configuration ?

    Hi ,
    We just had a big data theft/disaster in which somebody deleted the whole application of the server

    After recovery we are having trouble with installing local instances of DB2 Express C on developer machines,

    What we did was

    1) Install the client by local administrator user on those machines

    But Now when developers try to use their domain accounts and try to create databases they get authorization errors SQL1092N

    We did some R & D and the only way out of this problem is by adding the domain users to local administrator accounts.

    But its not possible in our case because we don't want to give local administrator rights to the developers due to the data theft and disaster.

    Is there any other way we can get through this problem without having to give admin rights local/domain to the developers ?

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    You will need to enable DB2 extended security, create a local group DB2ADMNS, and add the developer account to that group. More details can be found in the installation manual.
    "It does not work" is not a valid problem statement.

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