we kindly invite you to test our new ODBC driver for jBASE. Please, feel free to download it at Download
Installation instructions are located here: Installation instructions

The overview and short video demos (preparing a connection and making
a query with MS Excel) are located here: ODBC driver for jBASE

- OS and versions:
Win32 : jBase 3.4, jBase 4.0, jbase 4.1, jbase 5.0
AIX 5.3 : jBase 4.1, jBase 5.0
RH Linux: jBase 4.1
- three-tier architecture
- easy setup; immediate access to all tables (VOC source);
or T24 tables by company mnemonic
- multiple sessions on jBASE for creating and sending the result SET
a fast mechanism to export the jBASE data.
- I-Descriptors, field joins/links (like T24 J-Descriptors), EVAL function
- User Defined Function calls, stored procedures
(examples included in the installation kit)
- Easy ways to access the multi/sub values, expanding values/
subvalues into separate records, etc.
- Limited SUM and COUNT support
- Unicode / local ANSI character sets support: International character sets
- jQL BY-EXP clause support
- Stored procedures support.
Now any jBC subroutine (including T24 code base) can be declared as a stored procedure in Administrator tool and reused in
custom Win32/.NET application. Example:

cmdJB.CommandType = adCmdStoredProc
cmdJB.CommandText = "OFS.GLOBUS.MANAGER"
cmdJB.Parameters(0).Value = "OFS.SOURCE.1"
An example can be found here: Using OFS.GLOBUS.MANAGER in MS Excel (v0.9+) - Forum

- T24: fast queries based on concat/index files
(examples included in the installation kit)
- T24: data access restrictions based on user's company code;
field types auto-detection (based on STANDARD.SELECTION)
- T24: Local fields support
- T24: Implemented full SMS support ('S'ee function)

- successfully tested with MS Excel, MS Access, MS SQL Server (Linked
Servers), Crystal Reports, BDE, ADO and other database tools.

For any questions you can ask here or in our support forums: - Forum