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    Unanswered: Load a dump from Unix to Windows.


    Can i load a dump from version on Unix to 12.5.4 on windows?
    Or is this impossible??..

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    Hi Suren,

    I think you will have to upgarde your sybase unix server to 12.5.3

    and then your requirement can b met.

    just check with the new feature guide of 12.5.3

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    My problem is already solved.

    I use sybmigrate. This is a great tool!!...

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    Can you suggest some link or the procedure to carried out while using sybmigrate. What r its features. etc ....
    Need to try it out.

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    A document describing the complete cross-platform dump and load procedure is available from the Sybase Inc. website at

    It is possible to do a cross-platform dump and load procedure from any database dump that is at least at version 11.9.x. There are just some pre-requisites or conditions that must be met before the source database is dumped.
    It basically requires that the database be in a quiescent state, i.e. there are no "open" or active transactions present in the log portion of the dump file and that all memory-resident database statistics are flushed to the stats tables before the dump is done.

    After the load is done, all indexes must be recreated - either manually (faster in some cases) or using the "sp_post_xpload" procedure. The procedure works the easiest, as no fancy scripts are required for dropping & recreating indexes.

    Bear in mind that Linux on Intel, Linux on AMD or Solaris x86 to Windows or vice versa is NOT a cross-platform. The same goes for HP-UX on RISC and HP-UX on Itanium.

    The doc states that the database should be placed in single-user mode for this, but it's not really required. As long as it's guaranteed that there is no user activity in the database after the sp_flushstats command and checkpoint is executed, you should be ok.

    If you must use compressed dumps, use the "older" compression syntax :
    dump database xyz to "compress::1::/dumps/xyz.dmp"
    Load it using the following syntax :
    load database abc from "c:\dumps\xyz.dmp".

    We did quite a few migrations between Sun Solaris and Linux, and had quite a few issues when using the "dump database ... with compression = n" syntax. None of these dumps would load correctly.
    We also had to "stage" the databases first between ASE 12.5.x and ASE 15.0.
    We had to create a 12.5.3 or 12.5.4 instance on the target server as well, and then "stage" the loads as follow :
    12.5.3 on Solaris -> 12.5.3/12.5.4 on Linux -> 15.0 on Linux.

    If we did the straight 12.5.3 -> 15.0.x as a cross-platform dump, we always ended up with corruption in the target database that could not be fixed using dbcc commands.

    Suggestion : Test your migrated database thoroughly after doing cross-platform dumps and ensure you have a few extra backups in hand before fully moving platforms.

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