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    Post Unanswered: Horizontal Continuous Form?

    After some amount of research I'm beginning to think it isn't possible, but I though I'd ask anyway. I have a table with Year, Assignment, and Fees fields which I want to orient thusly in a form:


    With the next record appearing directly to the right of the first, allowing the user to easily and logically enter the data for each subsequent year. However, I'm completely stymied as to how to actually accomplish this. Any insight would be most appreciated!

    Access 2003, fyi.

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    Ikk. Sorry, but I have never had to tackle such a problem. The big question in my mind is "why?". Or more accurately "what is wrong with vertical?".

    If it is possible it will NOT be easy.... but you never know, there are some amazing SQL gurus here that might be able to TRANSFORM easier than I imagine.
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    Vertical could certainly work, but it's just a bit of a break from the layout conventions of all our other spreadsheets and documents, so I'm trying to make things as familiar for everyone as possible.

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