Job location is McLean, VA

$95 - $115,000 plus $14 - $17,000 bonus range
Full benefits
Relocation assistance
Interview travel reimbursed

No H1B applicants, no sponsorship
If you apply, make a case in your resume profile as to why you should be interviewed for this position.
Ensure your current address (at least city and state) is included in your resume.

Job overview
This position leads efforts to define enterprise, system, level goals, principals, and guidelines.
Develops and maintains architecture and design principles for applications, build and integration.
Applies EA goals and principles in execution of project architecture governance (includes review, approval, and influencing project alignment to EA goals).
Defines interactions between systems.
Establishes current state of system architecture, future state models, and transition steps.
Identifies potential application reuse opportunities.
Collaborates with other architects to define enterprise solution patterns and define optimal environment solutions for development, test, and production.
Works with technical architects to determine the most appropriate application partitioning to achieve optimal performance, scalability, etc.
Collaborates with business and information architects to ensure application level software components are derived from and are consistent with the business object model.
Ensures functional requirements are successfully implemented in the business domain/object model
o Identifies the techniques and technologies that should be applied at the application level
o Defines the system and operational requirements which the technical team must support
Participates in application/project design and review sessions, and in collaboration with other architects to validate and ensure the application design is in conformance with the enterprise technical / information / and business architecture
Resolves the potential implications and conflicts between the application architecture, with any constraints imposed by the application (logical / physical) design to the architecture
o Provides viable alternative approaches and recommendations
Abstract and describe the logical enterprise systems architecture to a variety of audiences.
Effectively negotiate and influence others, build and maintain relationships
Communicate effectively with business teams, development teams, and executive management

Job requirements
Bachelor degree in Computer Science or IT or Software Engineering, Operations Research, Applied Mathematics, EE or related discipline
6 8 years experience designing and implementing small to medium size information systems projects through the integration of new technology
Gathering and analyzing requirements to determine system data architecture, implementing systems and solving complex technical problems
Hands-on experience in object oriented and component oriented software design and development (Java, JEE), data modeling, hardware, design patterns, networks and security
Understanding how technology and information architecture interacts with application architecture

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