I have an ‘Assignments’ table (which is in a many to one relationship with another Project table [one project, many assignments]) outlining future/current assignments with the following fields: Year, Type, Fees

I have another ‘Variable’ table which I’m using to store variables, in this case, a CurrentYear variable.

The form I’m trying to design will be used for the budget, which looks about 5 years into the future. So I’d like to have it automatically read the variable (which I’ve already figured out) from the variable table, and then automatically create 5 records starting from the current year and going 5 years into the future. So, something like this would be generated and show up on the form:

  Year       Type     Fees
The Type and Fees fields would be blank, as the user will be filling those in. Basically I’m trying to design it so that in the future someone can just go in and change the CurrentYear variable and have the form update to show the proper years.

To clarify, the parts that I’m stuck on are:

1 - Getting Access to create the records based on the CurrentYear variable (I imagine I’ll have to create some other variable to control it so that we don’t add the years every time the form is opened).

2 – Having the form automatically display the 5 records

As always, any insight is most appreciated :-)