This is my first post to this forum or any database forum so please excuse any gross errors in etiquette....please be gentle.

I have a dataset of 7000+ readings from a wing root stress sensor that has values ranging from 2.000E-10 to 2.46E-4 grouped by certain types of flight regimes. I have the data grouped by flight regime and need to create a histogram to show the distribution of stress readings by each regime.

I have tried using the partition function but it requires the use of whole numbers. Does anyone have a work around for dealing with decimal values when using the partition function in Access?

partition(number, min, max, interval)

I have tried using the following SQL statement

SELECT wingRoot, Count(wingRoot) AS frequency, Partition(wingRoot, (SELECT MIN(wingRoot) FROM wingSensor), (SELECT MAX(wingRoot) FROM wingSensor), ((SELECT MAX(wingRoot) FROM wingSensor)-(SELECT MIN(wingRoot) FROM wingSensor) / 10) AS distro
FROM wingSensor
GROUP BY wingRoot, distro

Is this SQL statement too complicated? Thanks for the help ahead of time.