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    Unanswered: ASP - iFrame

    I'm building a table of contents Q/A FAQ from a table. The table contains the group, question and answer. The answer is just an HTML file.

    I'm trying to display the answer on the same page as the table of contents and it seems to make sense to use in iframe.

    The problem is if the HTML file is large, the iframe generates scroll bars, and now you have the main browser scroll bar in addition to the iframe's scroll bars.

    <iframe  scrolling="no" src="blank.html" width="100%" height="450%" 
        onload="resizeFrame();"  frameborder="0" name="faqs">
    This will work for most html files except for large ones.

    I'd like the iframe to resize based on the html file I send to it.

    The call to the iframe (in html) is this:

    <div class="box2">
    <a href="rq/bwocl.htm" target="faqs">Open Change list</a>
    I know this is more of an HTML question than ASP/SQL, but I figured someone here might know.

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    I was able to figure it out - no need for reply!

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    How did you do it?
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