Hi, I have a DB that I want to search for and enter in property sales. The problem is some sale have multiple properties that are sold together, and sometimes each of those properties has multiple buildings on them.

So I would use the following tabls:

tblParcelData PK:ParcelID
this has all of the information about the parcel it self, such as address, lot size, zoning, etc.

tblPhysicalData PK:BldgID
this has all of the building data for each parcel, so bldg 1 might be a warehouse, bldg 2 might be an office, and then eacvh of their respective square footages, year built, construction type, etc.

SaleData PK: SaleID
This just has the distinct sale dates and sale prices.

This figures things like the total square feet of all the buildings for each parcel, the sale price per square foot, etc

So what I want to do is :
A: be able to have a form that I could have 1 field that had all of the parcels that sold with this one property:
Parcels: 111111, 222222, 3333333, & 55555
Addresses: 501 maple, 600 elm 100 elm & 434 walsh

Then be able to list all of the buildings that went with each parcel and finally show a grand total square footage and a price per square foot based on that total and the sale price.

I would like to able able to search for those sales by either SF, Age, Type, Neighborhood, Street, etc.

How hard would this be to do. Please remeber that I can get around in Access, but I don't know anything about VBA. Is this way over my head?