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    Unanswered: Multiple databases / Multiple table prefixes ?


    I've been thinking about this a lot and figured that dbforums is the best place to ask..Im looking to provide a sugarcrm instance to each company that signs up in my website.

    A standard sugarcrm instance creates one database with about 100 tables in it. So, if I were to provide to say a 100 companies in the future in one database server (hypothetically ), is it better to

    a. give them each one database each (one for every company that signs up)
    b. give one database with different table prefixes (10000 tables for 100 companies)

    Which would be the best way to go when looking at performance and scalability ??

    any pros/cons for either of these methods ??

    What are the limitations on how many queries a db server can handle if we had 100 databases compared to one database with 10000 tables ??

    Newbie here so let me know if I've got something totally wrong !!


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    What are you going to be doing within each table?

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    A few inserts, updates, read..etc

    Think of it as the total functionality of a crm..

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