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    Exclamation Unanswered: Interactive Survey Form


    I'm working on a database to gather data based on a survey mostly with Yes/No answers.

    Database Info:
    All the Questions visible property on the form has been set to NO.
    The form has 23 questions that can be answered with YES/NO. The next question to be displayed (made visible) depends on the answer to the previous question. i.e. If Question 1 answer is YES, Question 2 = Visible else Question 3 = visible. etc...

    Problem: After answering the questions and going back to previous surveys the fields are not visible (i'm thinking because of the visible property = NO). Is there any code to make the fields that has been answered to be visible on the form? How about in the report, is there a way you can display the questions with answers only (not having too many blank spaces)?

    Attached is a sample.

    Greatly appreciate any ideas to help on this DB.
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