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    Unanswered: cursor performance advantage


    I have a very long sql query,and it contains 'like name '%aaa%' kind of filters.
    I m wondering if I put this sql into plsql cursor and get it output from procedure,would it be faster? if so how can I measure it
    I like to compare this sql runtime with plsql runtime.
    I have toad and oracle sql developer tools

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    Cool No improvement

    Changing SQL statement to execute in PL/SQL cursor would not improve the response time.

    For queries that contain 'like name '%aaa%' kind of filters, perhaps using Oracle text indexes would help.
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    I found this and I m using in my situation
    Implicit vs. Explicit Cursors which is faster - cursor_comparison.sql script

    first I put filter in cursor definition
    cursor c_1 is
    select ...where like...;

    secondly I put in the code

    open c_1
    fetch ...into...;
    if then
    end if
    close c_1

    does this work in this case? for the same test time comsumption changes :/

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    No - Fetching every row from the table and manually filtering them to see which ones match the condition will be slower than using a query that only fetches the rows that match the condition in the first place.

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