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    Unanswered: Uninstall hotfixes....?


    I am currently using SQL Server 2005 and am clearing up space on my computer. I have looked in add/remove programs from the control panel and have noticed that the following two SQL server fixes are taking up nearly 2gb of storage each:

    Hotfix 2050 for SQL Server 2000 ENU(KB948110) (1.86 gb in size)
    Hotfix 2055 for SQL Server 2000 ENU(KB960082) (1.56 gb in size)

    Please can anybody tell me if I can delete these files (and if it will have any effects on my SQL Server 2005), as I really need to clear some space on my hard drive.



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    Don't know that I'd do it but here's one link to check out and see what the patch is doing for you....

    Let me google that for you

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