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    Unanswered: Query Criteria Question

    I have a query set up that displays various information and one of the fields is a date.

    How do I go about setting up the criteria for the date field so the user can pull the query after selecting that they wanted it before or after a date they input in a text box or in between two dates they enter in two text boxes?

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    I found the following information:

    Before a date: < #2/2/2006#
    After a date: > #2/2/2006#
    Between two dates: >#2/2/2006# and <#2/4/2006#

    Is the only way I can go about doing this is to set up 3 queries that are triggered depending on which "filter" the user wants to use?

    By filter I mean, before, after, or between dates.

    Correct me if I am wrong, but I can exchange the date for a textbox value in the criteria, correct? I am unsure b/c it is a date... newb question I know.


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    Between two dates can also be: Between #2 Feb 2006# And #2 April 2006#

    The between operator is inclusive. the above espression is equivalent to: >= #2 Feb 2006# And <= #2 April 2006#

    To do what you are asking, I normally use a custom dialog. The dialog has a from date and a to date and the user enters/selects one or both. Then, I build the required expression in VBA and pass that along to the form or report as a filter or as the record source for the form or report.
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