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    Soccerchampionship database

    Hey folks, I'm new and I need some feedback and ideas on my work.
    Well I am making a soccerchampionship program with database funtionality, and I'm making this one in Acces. My question is what entities, attributes can I use per table. I have now the tables:
    Groups(ea. Netherlands is in group A),
    I need to link these things together, because a group has a championship, and a championship has groups. (countries have group, group have countries).

    So I would like to hear your feedback and suggestions.
    Thanks, Jeroen

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    suggestion: do some research on foreign keys

    that is how you link them together | @rudydotca
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    I think you have the basis of an interesting model there Jeroen, but I'm a little concerned by the language you are using there. groups don't have a championship, rahter a championship is comprised of several groups. ie the championship is the parent entity , the groups are the tables that comprise the various qualification stages out of which the eventual winner appears

    the relationship should reflect the order of precedence

    lets say you are modelling UEFA or FIFA
    they hold championships, in which registered national sides compete for various events
    so an organising authority has member events (so the precedence is an organising authority entity, that is referred to in the events entity)
    a nation is affiliated to one or more organising authorities (eg FIFA, UEFA)
    a championship os made up of various matches between specific teams (nations).

    so there should be a row in, say, your championship table which is referred to from other rows identfying the countries playing in that championship.

    however depending on what you are trying to model ther is another layer of complexity. is your model tryng to refelct a single championship say Euro 2010? ir is it trying to reflect every Euro Championship, and optionally every FIFA world cup....

    the reason why I ask is that this changes the model significantly, because you have to account for not just each team each match, each table but qualify that for each and every year.
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